Scott's Hybrid Burger

Lean Blend of Beef and Pork


Boneless Cod Loin Fillets


Scott's Handcrafted
Asparagus and Cheddar Bratwurst
T-Bone Steaks

Specials & Deals

Scott's Thick Cut

Head Country Seasoned Pork Steak


Here are our specials we are having this week!

Meaty Pork Riblets
10 lb. box
Scott's Handcrafted
Pork Sausage - Hot or Mild
5 lbs. or more
$1.49/lb. ​​

Scott's Handcrafted 
Marinated Split Frying Chickens
Lemon Pepper or Butter Garlic

All sales items are while supply lasts only. 

    Scott Meats SALE ITEMS for:    

Monday May 20th through Saturday, May 25th