Center Cut Pork Steaks
10 lb. or larger package
Pork Sausage Links or Patties
18 oz. package
​$1.49 ea.

Specials & Deals

U.S.D.A. Choice Boneless
Beef Shoulder Roasts
Hardwood Smoked
Center Cut Pork Chops

Scott's Marinated Lemon
Pepper Boneless Chicken Breasts

Here are our specials we are having this week!

Western Style Pork Ribs


All sales items are while supply lasts only. 

Please take notice that we are closed the last Monday of every month for repairs and maintenance. 

    Scott Meats SALE ITEMS for:    

Monday, February 17th through Saturday, February 22nd

Scott's Handcrafted Regular or 

Jalapeno & Cheese Bratwurst